Create an Integration

Perform the following steps to create an integration between REST services and Oracle E-Business Suite:

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Home > Integrations > Integrations.

  2. On the Integrations page, click Create.

    The Select Integration Style dialog is displayed.

  3. When adding the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter as an invoke (target) connection, you can use it with "Basic Routing", "App Driven Orchestration" or "Subscribe To OIC" based on your business needs.

    In this example, choose the "Basic Routing" integration style and click Select to create an integration with a blank source and target.

    Note: This "Basic Routing" integration style allows you to add a desired adapter as a trigger (source) or an invoke (target) connection in an integration. Therefore, you can also use this style when adding the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter as a trigger (source) connection to trigger an integration.

  4. The Create New Integration dialog appears. Enter the following information:

    • What do you want to call your integration? Enter "Create Order" as the name.

    • Identifier: Accept the default identifier value such as "CREATE ORDER".

    • Version: Accept the default version number.

    • Documentation URL: Leave this blank.
    • What does this integration do? Enter description information for your integration, such as "Create a sales order in Oracle E-Business Suite".

    • Which keyword defines this integration: Leave this blank.

To complete the integration, you need to add the following tasks that are described in the next few sections: