Typical Workflow for Creating Integrations with Oracle Integration

You follow a very simple workflow to develop integrations in Oracle Integration. The only prerequisites for creating an integration are that the application connections you need are in place and that any lookups you want to use to map information between applications are created.

Step Description More Information


Create the connections for the applications you want to integrate. The connections can be reused in multiple integrations and are typically created by the administrator.

Create a Connection


(Optional) Create lookups that map the different values used by those applications to identify the same type of object (such as gender codes or country codes).

Create a Lookup


Create the integration. When you do this, you add trigger and invoke connections, assign business identifiers, and then map the data between the two.


Activate the integration.

Activate an Integration


Monitor the integration on the dashboard.

View the Dashboard


Track payload fields in messages during runtime.

Assign Business Identifiers and Track Business Identifiers in Integrations During Runtime


Manage errors at the integration level, connection level, or specific integration instance level.

Manage Errors