Create Activities

Activities represent the actions for a process to execute. The Activities drop-down menu on the process canvas contains all the activities that can be used within a dynamic process.

Activities are divided into the following types:
  • Human Human Task icon– A human task represents an activity where a process participant is required to perform the work. The task can be a simple interaction, such as filling out a form, or part of a more complicated workflow that requires input from multiple process participants.

  • Process Process Task icon– A process task represents invoking of a structured process within a dynamic process.

  • Service Service Task icon– A service task represents invoking of an external service, such as an OIC integration or a REST connector.

  • Milestone Milestone icon– Milestones represent sub-goals within a process. They are typically defined to track progress of a process.

  • Integrations Integrations icon – An integration task represents invoking of an external application or service. The Integrations menu displays the following items:
    • REST integrations REST icon : All REST connectors created within the application.
    • OIC integrations Integrations icon : All OIC integration connectors created within the application.

    For a REST or OIC integration connector to be displayed under this menu, you must set its visibility accordingly. See Create REST and Web Service Connectors and Work with Integrations.

To create an activity, select the type of activity that you want to create from the Activities drop-down menu, provide a suitable name, and click Add Activity Add Activity icon. You can also use the search bar in the Activities menu to find a particular type of activity to create.

An example human task activity is shown in the following figure:

Description of dp-activity.png follows
Description of the illustration dp-activity.png

Select the activity to perform various actions on it. The actions available for each activity are listed as follows:

  • Edit Edit activity icon – Click this icon to edit the properties of the activity. See Define Activity Properties.

  • Delete Delete activity icon – Click this icon to delete the activity.

  • Menu Menu icon – Click this icon to reveal the following additional actions:

    • Roles: Use this action to access the activity’s Roles tab.

    • Change Type: Use this action to change the activity type. Select a different activity from the available options.

    • Data Association: Use this action to define input and output for activities that require them. See Configure Data Association.

    • Open Form: If a human task activity has a web form associated with it, use this action to edit or view the web form. If no web form is associated, this option is grayed out.

    • Open Process: If a process activity has a structured process associated with it, use this action to edit or view the structured process. If no structured process is associated, this option is grayed out.

      To associate a form or structured process with an activity, see Define Activity Properties.

In addition, you can select an activity and move it within the stage or drag and drop it outside the stage or into another stage.