8 Create and Use Micro Processes

You can divide a large, complex business process into multiple reusable blocks called micro processes, created within separate applications. You can then efficiently manage the overall implementation of your business case by calling these micro processes in a main or parent process application.

Using micro processes, you can develop an application that comprises multiple independent, domain-driven processes. Micro process are typically smaller processes with quick execution time, with their output feeding into the main process. You can invoke them either synchronously or asynchronously. Within an application, create a link to a deployed micro process present in another application, and use this link in your main process.

As an example, consider an employee travel approval scenario that consists of the following stages: information collection, request approval, booking, and mail delivery. You can implement each of these stages as a micro process (in separate applications), and you can use a main process to orchestrate the execution of all stages.