Tour the My Tasks Page

Depending on your role, use the My Tasks page to work on, monitor, troubleshoot, or administer process tasks.

In the Oracle Integration navigation pane, click My Tasks to view your tasks and manage your work.

Let’s take a closer look at some key functions that you’ll find yourself using most often.

Role Task

End User

  • Start an application, typically by completing and submitting a form.

  • Work on your tasks. You can work on tasks assigned to you, access detailed information, add information such as comments or documents, and reassign tasks to other participants.

  • Work on dynamic process. As a knowledge worker, select and complete activities in an unstructured process that depends on expert input or changing circumstances.


Click Processes to create applications, build processes, and manage the application life cycle.


In the runtime environment, you can work on your tasks, track process instances, view and work with dashboards, start an application, and perform administration tasks. Some of your administration tasks include:

  • Configure the application settings, such as connections to other Oracle Cloud services, roles and assignments, runtime credentials, archive schedules, and notifications.

  • View dashboards to check the status of activated processes and monitor other key process metrics such as workload and cycle time.

  • Track running, inactive, and problematic process instances for the applications available to you.

  • View alerts for suspended, recoverable, and alerted instances. You can go to the instances in these states from each of the alerts.