Tour the Process Applications Page

A process application is the core component of the design-time environment and contains all the required resources of the application, including the business processes.

In the Oracle Integration navigation pane, click Processes, and then click Process Applications. The Process Applications page provides access to common process application-related features.

Use the Process Applications page to:

  • Create applications from scratch, based on a QuickStart App, or by importing

  • Manage your applications, including viewing, unlocking, cloning, downloading, and deleting

Be sure to take advantage of the resources and videos available in the Learn More section, and also note the location of the user menu. This menu has options for viewing your language preferences, accessing help (including videos and tutorials), and signing out.

Now that you have an overview of the design-time Home page, let’s take a closer look at some key features that you’ll find yourself using most often.

Feature Description


Click to activate applications and to manage active applications.


Provides options that let you:


Search applications by name, space, or creator.


Filter process applications by type and owner. Available types are: Process Application, Quickstart App, and Quickstart Master. Available owner options are: Shared with me and Owned by me


Click to update the list of applications. If you hover over the icon, the date and time of the last update appear.

To open an application click its name. For example, click an application name to start adding resources and building your processes. Also, you can open the Options menu to clone, download, or delete applications that are owned or shared by you.