Verify Integration Connectivity

Integration connectivity tests help verify the connection between Oracle IoT Cloud Service and the external application or service.

When creating a new integration, the Verify Connectivity feature enables you to test the connection between Oracle IoT Cloud Service and the integration target. Depending on the enterprise application or service that you are connecting to, the applicable tests are run. Common tests include the following:

  • DNS Resolution Test: Checks whether the server name resolves to an IP address.

  • Connectivity Test: Checks whether the IP address is reachable.

  • IP/Port test: Checks whether you can talk to the target URL on the specified port.

  • SSL Verification Test: Checks whether you have a secured, or trusted, connection to the target. Applies only if the target is an SSL endpoint.

  • Authentication Test: Checks whether you can exchange messages with the target.

For more information on the process of creating integrations for specific targets, see the following:

Verifying Connectivity for Your Existing Integrations

You can run the connectivity tests for existing integrations from the Integrations page of your application. The Verify Connectivity option appears against each integration target. The result of the last integration test is also displayed.

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