Calendar - General Aspects


To view the change requests on the Calendar Dashboard, your My Oracle Support account must have privileges to view change requests.

The Calendar dashboard provides information about the scheduled change requests (RFCs) and the business events related to your organization's services, as follows:

  • Scheduled RFCs start with letter C. Hovering over a scheduled RFC shows the environment affected by the RFC, and the duration required for the RFC to be applied.

    Color codes are used to differentiate between open change events (highlighted in orange) and closed change events (highlighted in green). Click any color-coded event to open the View RFC page on the My Oracle Support portal.

  • Business events start with letter B. Hovering over a business event shows the activity type and the environment affected by the business event, if any.

    Color codes are used to differentiate between the various types of business events. Click any color-coded event to see detailed information about the corresponding business event, as explained in Viewing a Business Event.

Use the filter in the upper part of the Calendar Monthly View and List View tabs to select the type of records for which you want to generate the reports covering the specified time interval, as explained in Filtering Records.

By default, information on the Calendar dashboard is generated for the current month. For more information on how to display change requests and business events scheduled for up to 12 months in the future or 12 months in the past, see the Generating Reports for Different Time Periods section in Working with Oracle Pulse.


Only valid timeframes can be selected, where the end date is higher than the start date.