Google Tag Manager integration

Oracle Unity allows you to set up a data connection and stream data from your website into Oracle Unity using an Oracle CX Tag and Google Tag Manager.

Learn more about the CX Tag from the Oracle Infinity IQ Quick Start Center.

Step 1: Set up Oracle CX Tag using Google Tag Manager

You will need to set up the Oracle CX Tag in Oracle Infinity and then set up the CX Tag in Google Tag Manager.

Learn to Set up the Oracle CX Tag using Google Tag Manager from the Oracle Infinity Quick Start Center.

Step 2: Set up integration with Oracle Infinity

After setting up the Oracle CX Tag, you can then Set up the integration with Oracle Infinity.

Step 3: Verify and use data

After the setting up the integration and streaming data into Oracle Unity, you can do the following to verify the data:

  1. Run the Data warehouse job (and the Identity resolution job if needed) from the Data feeds page.

  2. Review the imported data in the Data viewer by viewing data object records.

After verifying the data, you can use the data to create segments.

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