Segmentation attribute lookups

Oracle Unity allows you to look up attribute values on the segmentation canvas so that you can select values from a list instead of manually entering them. Oracle Unity comes with ready-to-use lookups for many attributes.

Learn more about Enabling attribute lookups from the Oracle Unity data model.

Important: Data that is imported with the Near real-time API can't be used for configuring lookup values. To ensure that data is used for lookup values, use the Streaming API or an ingest job to import the data. Learn how to ingest data with the Streaming API from the Oracle Unity Developer Help Center.

Benefits of using attribute lookups

Configuring lookups can benefit your organization in the following ways:

  • Optimizes the process of creating segments by eliminating the need to manually enter attribute values while configuring conditions.

  • By selecting attribute values rather than manually entering them, this eliminates the possibility of a user incorrectly entering an attribute value (entering F instead of Female).

  • Gives you visibility into all available values for an attribute, up to a maximum of 200.

Example: You can use lookup values for the State attribute. You want to create a segment that includes residents of Arizona, California, and Florida. When you add the State attribute to the segmentation canvas, you'll select Matches and use the drop-down list for the attribute's input field to select the three states. This eliminates the need for you to know the exact values (state abbreviations) to correctly configure the condition.

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