Using the Staging Area

Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud provides a staging area which is used to store files for automated import, export, and extract processes initiated by the REST API or EPM Automate in situations when direct connections to external systems are not used.


The staging area is restricted for use by Service Administrators only.

Source files are uploaded to the staging area prior to being imported into a dimension. Export and extract files are written to the staging area and separately downloaded to a remote machine. Files in the staging area can be listed and deleted as needed.

Files in the staging area are deleted if they have not been modified in the past 60 days. See Snapshot and File Retention Policy in Administering Migration for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.


Non-snapshot files in the staging area are not deleted as part of the process that deletes older snapshot files if the total size of all snapshot files is over 150GB.

The following processes use the Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud staging area:

  • Import Dimension
  • Export Dimension
  • Export Dimension Mappings
  • Export Transaction History
  • Extract Dimension Viewpoint
  • Import Template
  • Export Template

The following operations are available for staging area files:


EPM Automate