Imports ownership data from a CSV file available in the environment into a period.

Before running this command, use the uploadFile command to load the import source CSV file into the environment.

Header of this CSV file is as follows:

Scenario, Year, Period, Entity, Parent, POwn, Control, Method

POwn, Control, and Method values are optional.

The imported ownership data is merged with any existing data, which may create invalid ownership entries. If an entity is present in more than one branch of a hierarchy, the imported ownership data may cause the combined ownership % of the entity to exceed 100%. You must manually correct the ownership % to ensure that it does not exceed 100%.

Applies to

Financial Consolidation and Close and Tax Reporting.

Required Roles

Service Administrator, Power User, User

Users must have write access to the entity.


epmautomate importOwnershipData Scenario Year Period FILE_NAME where:
  • Scenario is the scenario into which ownership data is to be imported.

  • Year is the year into which data is to be imported.

  • Period is the period of the year into which the ownership data is to be imported.

  • FILE_NAME is the name of the CSV file from which data is to be imported.


epmautomate importOwnershipData FCCS_TotalActual FY19 Jan importfile.csv