Export and Download Application Data

Use this command sequence in this section to export application data and then to download it to a local directory.

In this scenario, you run a sequence of commands to complete these steps:

  • Sign in to the environment.

  • Create data backups (entitydata.zip and forecastdata.zip).

  • List files in the Inbox/Outbox to verify that the backups are present.

  • Download (entitydata.zip and forecastdata.zip) to a local computer.

  • Sign out.

epmautomate login serviceAdmin C:\mySecuredir\password.epw https://example.oraclecloud.com ExampleDomain
epmautomate exportmetadata exportentitymetadata entityData.zip
epmautomate exportdata entitydata entitydata.zip
epmautomate exportdata forecastdata forecastdata.zip
epmautomate listfiles
epmautomate downloadfile entityData.zip
epmautomate downloadfile forecastData.zip
epmautomate logout