Viewing and Downloading Activity Reports and Access Logs


  • The information in this section is not applicable to Narrative Reporting.

  • The JSON version of the Activity Report is not accessible from the service. Use the downloadfile EPM Automate command to download it.

To view and download Activity Reports and Access Logs:

  1. Access the service. See Accessing EPM Cloud.
  2. Perform an action:
    • Profitability and Cost Management only: Click Application, then Application, and then Performance.
    • Account Reconciliation only: Click Tools, and then Service Activity.
    • Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud only: Click Reports, and then Activity Reports.
    • Other services: Click Application, then Overview, and then Activity Reports.
  3. Perform an action:
    • To open an activity report, click View under Activity Report in the row that indicates the day for which you want to view the report.

      Activity Reports created during Provide Feedback uses Feedback as the prefix.

    • To view and download an access log, click Download under Access Log in the row that indicates the day for which you want to download the log.