The Workflow for Strategic Workforce Planning

To analyze future workforce requirements using Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud, review the tasks you'll perform.

Watch this tutorial video for an overview of the workflow in Strategic Workforce Planning:

video icon Tutorial Video

In general, you'll perform tasks in this order:

  1. Click Strategic WorkforceStrategic Workforce Planning icon on home page.

  2. Set up user variables.

    See Setting User Variables.

  3. Assess the current FTE by job, individual employee information or job information, and (if Average Compensation is enabled) average compensation rates. Click OverviewStrategic Workforce Planning Overview tab icon.

    See Skills Assessment Planning.

  4. Review and update the assessment of employees across different skills and jobs. Click Skills Assessment Skills Assessment tab icon.

    See Assessing and Updating Skills.

  5. Plan the demands on your workforce. Click DemandStrategic Workforce Planning Demand icon.

    See Demand Planning.

  6. Analyze the organization's supply of critical jobs and skills, factoring in such aspects as attrition. Click SupplyStrategic Workforce Planning Supply tab icon.

    See Supply Planning.

  7. Analyze and address any gaps between your workforce requirements (demand) and available resources (supply). Click Gap AnalysisStrategic Workforce Planning Gap Analysis icon.

    See Analyzing the Gap Between Demand and Supply.

If your administrator also enabled Workforce, see The Workflow for Workforce.