3 Generating Reports

You use these reports to analyze and manage role assignments:

Report generation time indicated on reports reflects the time based on browser time zone (local system clock).

About the CSV Version of the Report

You can export a report to create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) version of the report. In addition to a count of the number of users assigned to predefined roles, the CSV version of the report lists the following:

  • Predefined roles to which each user is assigned. Each predefined role assigned to a user appears in a separate row. Application roles subsumed into predefined roles are not listed.

  • Application roles to which a user is assigned either directly or through group. Each application role assigned to a user appears in a separate row.

  • Groups to which a users are assigned are not listed if the groups are not assigned to any role.

  • Only the information from the current view of the report is exported to CSV. For example, if you filter the report to view the role assignments of a specific user, the exported CSV file contains only the assignments of that user.