Assigning Roles to a Group or a User

During this process, Service Administrators assign application roles to groups and users who are assigned a predefined role.


  • Service Administrators can assign roles to themselves.
  • To enable you to view role assignments, Access Control lists the predefined Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud roles as groups. You cannot assign application-level roles to them from Access Control.

To assign application-level roles to a group or a user:

  1. Open Access Control. See Opening Access Control.
  2. Click Assign Application Roles.
  3. Find a user or group. From the drop down list select Users or Groups. See Using Search for instructions on using the Search feature.
    Users or groups that match the search criterion are listed. By default, the list is sorted by User Login values, and then by Group Name values (for group searches).
  4. Click Actions button (Actions) of the user or group, and then select Assign Roles.
  5. From Available Roles, select the roles that you want to assign to the user or group and then click Move.
    Selected roles are listed under Assigned Roles. To remove assigned roles, from Assigned Roles, select the role to remove, and then click Remove.
    Other business processes such as Profitability and Cost Management and Narrative Reporting do not support application role assignment.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click OK.