Adding and Organizing Report Package Content

You add content to a report package by adding doclets. Doclets are individual areas of a report package that are assigned to authors, who provide the report content. For example, a financial disclosure report can be broken down into separate areas for Forward-Looking Statements, Consolidated Balance Sheets, Statement of Operations, Statement of Income, and Statement of Cash Flow.

You create doclets for each of these areas and then assign them to the appropriate authors, who update the content of each doclet.

Sections enable you to group doclets for organization, or to keep doclets together that have a common format or are intended for a common viewership. For example, you can group all financial statements into one section.

doclets and sections graphic
You can also upload supplemental documents to a report package using supplemental doclets. Supplemental documents such as procedures, instructions, reference material, and so on, can be uploaded into a report package as a supplemental doclet. Supplemental documents can be any type of document file (for example, PDF, Excel, Word, and so on). Supplemental doclets are the same as a doclet except the content for supplemental doclets is not included within the merged report. These doclets are excluded from the review and sign off processes. The supplemental doclet contents cannot be viewed online, but users can download and use native programs to open the supplemental doclet in the same way that you can work with third party artifacts in the library. See Adding and Organizing Report Package Content.

Watch this tutorial video, you’ll learn how to manage content in report packages in Narrative Reporting.

video icon -- Managing Content in Report Packages.