Creating Intercompany Matching Reports

To create Intercompany Matching reports, you select the POV members, accounts, and matching accounts that you want to display. You can also select whether to suppress display of dimension members, and data cells associated with a specific variance.

To create an Intercompany Matching report:

  1. On the Home page, click Reports.
  2. Click Intercompany Reports.
  3. From the Point of View, select a single member for the following dimensions: Scenario, Year, Period, View, Consolidation, and Currency.

    The Currency must be a Reporting Currency. The dimension members that you select will be displayed in the header section of the generated report.


    The Dimension names (Consolidation, View, and so on) are displayed by default. To hide the Dimension names and display only the members, click the Actions icon,Actions icon and then select Hide Dimension Names.

  4. For Entity and Partner, enter an entity name, or click the Member Selector and select an entity.

    Entities can be both ICP and non-ICP enabled.

  5. Optional: For Plug Accounts, select the Plug Account checkbox, then select the accounts to include, or select All.
  6. If you do not select Plug Accounts, select the Accounts and Matching Accounts for the report.
    You must select both the Account and Matching Account. The accounts must be valid Intercompany accounts. The selected Account and Matching Account cannot have a common account member. The report will be generated for the accounts to which you have access.
  7. For Suppression/Group Dimensions, select members and then select a suppression option:

    To select members, you can click the Member Selector, or specify the member names in text, with each member delimited by a comma.

    • Not Suppressed

    • Suppressed

    • Group - If you select this option, you can only select base members.

  8. For Suppression Options, select one or more options:
    • Suppress Matches - click to select this check box.

    • Tolerance Value - enter a value.

    • Tolerance Percent - enter a percent. The value must be a positive number less than or equal to 100.

    • Reversals - select this check box to suppress the reversal Entity/Partner rows.

      For details on suppression options, see Setting Up Intercompany Matching Reports.

  9. Select Display Options:
    • Report Title - enter a report title or use the default.

    • Scale Factor - enter a value between 0 and 9.

    • Decimal Override - enter an integer between 0 and 6.

    • Member Display - select Name, Description, or Both.

  10. From Report Type, select an option:
    • HTML
    • PDF
    • XLS
    • XLSX
  11. To run the report, click Run Report and then select to open or save the report.
  12. Optional: To save the report as a job, which you can schedule to run immediately or at a later time, click Save as Job, enter a job name and click Submit.