Viewing the Form Summary

The Summary contains the Name, Description, Data collection period, Status, Start Date, End Date, Instructions, Questions, Comments, and Workflow information.

To view form Summary:

  1. On the Home page, click Data.
  2. Open a form.
  3. The POV (Year/Period/Scenario/Entity) and Data Collection Unit selection is displayed.
  4. The summary information for the form includes:
    • Name and Description—From the form template

    • Data Collection Period—Period that this form has been deployed to

    • Status—Current detailed status

    • Start Date—Starting date for data collection

    • End Date—Final date for submission, approval, or posting (whichever is latest)

  5. Enter the data directly or export the form to Oracle Smart View for Office for data entry.
  6. The Actions list contains the actions available for each of the users, for example, Submit, Approve, Reject, and so on.
  7. See also the Instructions, Questions, Comments, and Workflow sections.