2 Implement FreeForm Checklist for Service Administrators

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Welcome, FreeForm Service Administrators!

service administrator role

Here’s a checklist to help you step through your FreeForm implementation, with links to documentation and other resources.


This checklist is meant to be a general guideline for tasks to be performed for a FreeForm implementation. It is assumed that the Identity Domain Administrator has created users and granted predefined roles. There may be more or fewer tasks required for this role on Day 1, depending on the involvement of implementation partners, your organization’s requirements, and the application design.

Implement FreeForm

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Sign up for the Implementation Success Program

The Implementation Success Program (ISP) is a service led by EPM Development for customers that uses a series of checkpoints during your implementation. The program significantly increases the success rate of implementations by bringing in all EPM Development knowledge in an efficient way.

Read this and sign up: Enrolling in the Implementation Success Program (20 mins)

Review and bookmark the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide

review and bookmark

Open the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide and review and bookmark the Troubleshooting chapter for resolution information and the Requests chapter for optional updates.

Create an application

create an application

  1. Establish the goals, key objectives, and scope of your application.

    Watch this video: Analyzing Plans with FreeForm Planning Applications (4 mins)

  2. FreeForm applications use an open dimensional cube construct allowing you to create cubes with any dimension combination you need.

    Read about:

    Watch these videos to understand the different options:

  3. From the landing page, you can create a FreeForm application using one of the following options:

Import metadata, and set variables

import metadata

  1. Import metadata into the application.

    Read this:Importing Metadata (5 mins)

    Watch this video: Importing Metadata in Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud (5 mins)

  2. Set up substitution variables.

    Read this:Creating and Assigning Values to Substitution Variables (3 mins)

Set up user access

set up user access

Grant application-specific roles and assign access permissions to users, groups, and FreeForm artifacts.

Read about:

Do this tutorial: Setting Up Security in Planning (75 mins)

Watch this video overview: Understanding Security and Roles in Planning (2:24 mins)

Load data and configure

load data

  1. Load or enter data.

    Do these tutorials:

    Watch this video: Entering and Saving Data in Planning(3:53 mins)

  2. Build effective and efficient business rules.

    Read this: About Calculation Manager (20 mins)

    Watch this video: Building Effective and Efficient Calculations in Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud (10 mins)

  3. Create forms, dashboards, and/or infolets for entering data.

    Read about:

    Watch these videos:

    Do this tutorial: Designing Forms and Managing Task Lists in Planning (55 mins)

Design reports

design reports

Start designing your reports.

Read about

Set up Smart View (Optional)

setup smart view

Read this: Smart View Checklist for Service Administrators (60 min).

Communicate with your users

To communicate with users

When the application is ready for use, broadcast the URL of the environment to users.

Follow your company’s process for communicating with users.