Transactional activities

With transactional activities, the point value awarded is calculated based on purchase transactions (points per dollar, points per price range or points per SKU/item)

The following activities are available to capture purchase information:

  • Direct-to-Consumer purchases: points awarded based on the price of an item + the quantity purchased.
  • Code-on-pack: points awarded for entering a package identifier (e.g. SKU/UPC-level entry or unique code-on-pack generated by CrowdTwist’s code redemption functionality).
  • Receipt Scan: points awarded when receipts are scanned and validated against product library.

  • Bonus points: campaigns that awards a point multiplier or a fixed-point value for a purchase.

    Note: You have the ability to personalize bonus point campaigns available to members based on segments or tiers.

    • Purchase of specific items – bonus points for purchasing specific SKUs
    • Purchase at specific times – bonus points for purchasing during specific dates/times
    • Purchase through specific channels – bonus points for purchasing through specific channels (e.g. POS, mobile, ecommerce, receipt scan, specific retailers, call center, etc)

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