Viewing a contact's most engaged time and day of week

Important: This feature is only available if the Eloqua Advanced Intelligence Cloud Service is enabled for your account. Contact your account representative to learn more.

Send Time Optimization allows marketers to send emails at the optimal time for each contact. It helps marketers engage more effectively with contacts, gaining contacts' attention when they are historically most attentive to their emails. You can view the most engaged times for an individual contact.

Note: The Most Engaged Time tab is based on the time zone of the Oracle Eloqua user who is viewing it.

The Most Engaged Time tab

To view a contact's most engaged time:

  1. Navigate to AudienceAn image of the Audience icon., then click Contacts.
  2. In the Search bar in the upper-right corner, enter a search string. You can search by: 
    • Last Name
    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Email Address Domain
    • Title

    Note: This search is not case-sensitive.

    An image of a red arrow pointing from the search bar towards the search results.

  3. Select a contact from the search results. Then, do one of the following:
    • Double-click the contact.
    • Right-click the contact, then select Open.

    The Edit Contactconfiguration window opens.

  4. Open the Most Engaged Time tab.

           The Most Engaged Time tab

    The contact's top 3 open week day and time combinations are displayed. This information can be useful for passing on to your sales team for specific leads, or if you need to compare a contact's activity log to their most engaged times.

    A contact's most engaged times

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