Configuring campaign canvas elements: Audience

When you add an audience element to your campaign canvas, you are identifying the contacts to include as members of the campaign. The following audience elements are available:

Segment members

Add members to the campaign flow by using a contact segment.

To configure the Segment Members element:

  1. Type a descriptive name for the step in the Step name field.
  2. Select the segment from the drop-down list, or click Folder An image of the File Chooser icon. and browse to the segment. Alternatively, you can click New to create a new segment.
  3. Choose how you want the segment members to be evaluated:
    • To evaluate the segment one time, click Add members once when the campaign is first activated. After you activate the campaign, members of the segment at the time of activation enter the campaign. No new segment members can enter the campaign after it is activated. If you use this option, the element appears gray on the canvas A image showing a segment members step that will be evauated one time.
    • To evaluate the segment continuously while the campaign is active, click Add members regularly until campaign is deactivated and specify how often to evaluate the segment. Oracle Eloqua will evaluate the segment according to the frequency you specify and add new segment members to the campaign. The default re-evaluation frequency is every 1 day. If you use this option, the element appears green on the canvas An image showing a segment members step that will be evauated continuously.

      Important: Avoid evaluating the segment hourly. This can overload the Asynchronous Commands queue. Evaluate the segment instead every 1 day.

  4. Click outside the element configuration window to apply your changes. After you add the segment, you'll notice the step indicates a count of the segment members.

    An image of a segment member count

After you activate the campaign, you can see the number of contacts who have entered the segment members step so far. See Tracking segment members in your campaigns and programs for more information.

An image of the Segment Members element in a Draft campaign. An image of the Segment Members element in an Active campaign.

Cloud Feeder

Oracle Eloqua AppCloud apps extend Oracle Eloqua's functionality and allow you to integrate Oracle Eloqua with external systems. These apps rely on external systems and require additional configuration so that your campaign progresses even if the app is down or unresponsive. Oracle Eloqua prevents you from adding an app to the canvas if it is down or unresponsive. This prevents you from building a campaign that uses a broken or deactivated service.

Note: Your administrator must add AppCloud apps to your catalog and install them before you can start using them in your campaigns.

The product documentation for these apps will help you configure them.

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