Allowing domains

A domain allowlist lets you the manage the domains that users can use safely. A domain allowlist is required for the following areas:

When you set up your domain allowlist, you create a separate list for each area above. When users perform any of the actions above, Oracle Eloqua validates the domain used against the allowlist and blocks domains that are not on the list.

All domain allowlists are enabled by default. You can only disable the domain allowlist used for page redirects after a form submission. To learn more, see disabling allowlist validation for form redirect domains.

Note: The Profiler and Engage apps have their own domain allowlists that determine what domains can host their app pages. For more information, seeConfiguring Profiler and Configuring Engage.

To allow a domain:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..
  2. Click Security in the Users and Security area.
  3. Click Domain under Allowlisting.

    An image of the Domain Allowlist Configuration window.

  4. Click the appropriate allowlist tab and then click A picture of the add icon. to add a domain.

    An image of the Create Domain Allowlist window

  5. Type the domain and domain extension in the Domain Name field. For example,
  6. Select the Allow subdomains? check box to allow the sub domains. For example, and are sub domains of
  7. Click Save.

After you finish:

  • To view the domains on the allowlists, select the appropriate allowlist tab.
  • To delete a domain from the allowlist, select the domain and click A picture of the delete icon. .
  • To edit a domain on the allowlist, select the domain and click A picture of the edit icon. .

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