Tips to keep your email responsive

Note: All emails and landing pages created in the Classic Design Editor are now legacy assets. They are now view-only and not editable. Users can create emails and landing pages with the Design Editor and Source Editor. Learn more in our product notice. Learn more about the differences between the different editors for emails and for landing pages.

Oracle Eloqua's Design Editor makes it easy to create responsive emails. But reusable components like shared content or dynamic content can, if not properly designed, break responsiveness. Reusable components include the following:

  • Email headers and footers
  • Shared content
  • Dynamic content
  • Signature layouts

Keep responsiveness in mind

Use these tips to help make reusable components more responsive:

  • Keep your images flexible. When using images in reusable components, you want ensure that they will scale up and down depending on the screen size. Oracle Eloqua provides a responsive image setting that ensures images scale properly on different devices. Learn more about keeping images responsive with this setting.
  • Keep your layouts flexible. A reusable component with a one-column design, for example, can adapt to different screen sizes. If you use tables to achieve more complex layouts, you will have to consider changing the design or use HTML and CSS code to achieve those same results.

When creating reusable components, the rich text editor checks all content to identify potential responsive issues. Refer to the potential issues below.

Pay attention to responsive issues

The email Design Editor and the rich text editor checks all content to identify potential responsive issues. The tool checks the content for the following elements:

  • The use of tables. While you might not be able to avoid using a table in your reusable content, Oracle Eloqua always flags the table because it can be unresponsive.
  • Images that are not using the responsive setting. Because an image without this setting might not scale, Oracle Eloqua flags the image. Learn more about keeping images responsive with this setting.
  • Long text strings. Using long strings of text can flow outside of the display screen. To prevent such an issue, you can use CSS or force breaks in the string. Again, long strings might not be an issue with your email, but Oracle Eloqua flags it for review.

These elements could prevent content from adapting well to different screen sizes. Oracle Eloqua doesn't prevent you from using these elements, but you should verify the final content on different screen sizes.

Test your final content

Whenever adding reusable components to your email, it is especially important to preview and test the final content on many screen sizes and email clients. If you can, find out how your users are viewing your emails and test to those target email clients and screen sizes. Learn more about sending test emails.

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