Adding preview text in the Design Editor

Most email clients display an email in the inbox with preview text. Preview text typically displays beneath the sender and subject line and can help quickly convey the content of your email.

An image show sample preview text in an inbox

Oracle Eloqua enables you to customize that preview text. Here are some things to note about preview text:

  • The preview text only appears in an recipients inbox. It doesn't appear in the email when it is opened.
  • If you do not include preview text, email clients will use the beginning of the email message as the preview. This could include the email header and opening content of your email body.

To add a preview text to your email:

  1. With your email open, choose an option:
    • If you are using the Design Editor, click Animage of the settings icon to open the Email Settings panel.
    • If you are using the Source Editor, click Actions, then click Settings.

      Important: The Classic Design Editor is sunset, and all classic assets are in view-only mode. Users can create and edit emails and landing pages with the Design Editor or Source Editor. Learn More.

  2. Add the preview text.
  3. Save your changes.

After you finish, validate the preview text by sending test emails to various email clients. You cannot view the preview text using the preview tool.

Support for preview text

Most email clients support the Oracle Eloqua's implementation of preview text. Here is some support information to keep in mind:

  • The length of preview text supported varies by email client and can vary depending on the length of the subject line. The email client could support from 35 to 120 characters.
  • Preview text is not supported by all Microsoft Outlook email clients. Be sure to test your preview text using your target email clients.

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