Creating emails in the Design Editor

It's easy to create rich, responsive emails using the Design Editor. Without touching any HTML code, your emails will render in many different email clients and across many screen sizes.

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To create an email using the Design Editor:

  1. Navigate to Assets An image of the Assets icon, which is represented by a black pencil., then click Emails.
  2. Click Create an Email.

    An image of the Create an Email option with Design highlighted.

  3. Choose a template or layout for the email. To build a fully responsive email in the Design Editor, choose Blank Responsive Layout or one of the layout options.

    An image showing the template chooser and outlining the types of layouts and templates available

    Number 1 Design Editor responsive layouts

    Number 2 Source Editor template

    After choosing a template or layout, the Email Settings page opens.

  4. Complete the email settings and click Design Email.

    Tip: You can complete the email settings later. Click Design Email to continue.

    The Design Editor opens.

  5. Create your email by dragging and dropping content and layouts. Click the content block to configure it using the properties.

    An animation showing dragging and dropping content and layouts onto the email canvas

  6. Click Mobile in the menu bar to switch to a mobile view and edit your email content as it may appear on mobile devices. Learn more about editing emails in the mobile view.

    An image of the Mobile switch in the menu bar

  7. As you make changes, you can undo or redo your changes using the toolbar or standard keyboard shortcuts.

    An image of the email editor toolbar with the undo and redo buttons highlighted

  8. Click Save when you are done.

After you finish:

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