Editing emails in a mobile view in the Design Editor

Note: All emails and landing pages created in the Classic Design Editor are now legacy assets. They are now view-only and not editable. Users can create emails and landing pages with the Design Editor and Source Editor. Learn more in our product notice. Learn more about the differences between the different editors for emails and for landing pages.

It is important to ensure that your Oracle Eloqua emails look right on a mobile device. The Design Editor provides a mobile view of your email that you can use to preview your email with a smaller screen size and edit the content. The mobile view sets the width of the email to 360 px.

When using the mobile view, you can edit the content of the email and copy content components. However you cannot do the following:

  • You cannot add new layouts or content to the email.
  • You cannot move content components

The mobile view is a preview of your email on a smaller screen size. To fully test your email, you should continue to do the following:

To preview and edit your email in a mobile view:

  1. With your email open, click Mobile in the menu bar.

    An image of the Mobile switch in the menu bar

  2. Make your changes.

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