Sending an email as plain-text only in the Design Editor

With Oracle Eloqua Design Editor, you can choose to send an email as plain-text only. A plain-text email does not send any images, formatting, or embedded links and does not include an Oracle Eloqua tracking pixel. It allows the email to be viewed when the HTML version cannot be rendered properly. You can set contact preferences so that a contact receives only plain-text emails. To learn more about setting these preferences for a contact, see flagging contacts to receive plain-text emails.

Note: Plain-text emails do not include a tracking pixel. Without a tracking pixel, you can only view engagement metrics if a link is clicked.

To send an email as plain-text only:

  1. Create a new email in the Design Editor or open an existing one.
  2. Click Number 1 to go into Email Settings.
  3. Under Advanced Settings, click Send Plain-Text only.

    An image of the Send Plain-Text only switch

Contacts will now receive this email as plain-text.

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