Editing the plain-text version of emails in the Design Editor

Oracle Eloqua always generates a plain-text version of your email. The plain-text version does not send any images, formatting, or embedded links and does not include an Oracle Eloqua tracking pixel. It allows the email to be viewed when the HTML version cannot be rendered properly. It is also the only version sent to contacts who prefer plain-text emails.

The plain-text version uses the text from the HTML version of the email. You can customize the plain-text version without impacting the HTML version.

Note: If you want to only send the plain-text version of the email, the Source Editor allows you to do this by updating the email settings. If you are using the Design Editor, only contacts who prefer to receive plain-text emails will be sent the plain-text version. Learn more about this contact preference setting.

To edit the plain-text version of an email:

  1. Navigate to Assets An image of the Assets icon, which is represented by a black pencil., then click Emails.
  2. Open an existing email, or create a new one. You must save your email before you can change the plain text version.
  3. Choose an option:
    • If you are using the Design Editor, click Actions > Edit Plain-Text in the menu bar.
    • If you are using the Source Editor, click Plain-Text.

      Important: The Classic Design Editor is sunset, and all classic assets are in view-only mode. Users can create and edit emails and landing pages with the Design Editor or Source Editor. Learn More.

  4. To customize the plain text email, choose an option:

    • If you are using the Design Editor, click Sync with HTML email to turn off the setting.
    • If you are using the Source Editor, clear the Automatically generate plain-text version check box.
  5. Make your changes and save your email.

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