Adding protections to email templates

Protected templates allow you to prevent marketers from deleting or changing elements of an email created from that template. After adding protections, elements with protections appear with a protected indicator.

When a marketer creates an email using the template, Oracle Eloqua identifies the content they can edit.

An image of content which cannot be edited in a template

To protect elements of an email template:

  1. Navigate to Assets An image of the Assets icon, which is represented by a black pencil., then click Emails.
  2. Click Manage Templates and open the template you want to protect.
  3. Choose an option:
    If you are using the Design Editor
    1. Click An image of the Settings icon to open the Settings panel.
    2. Click Protected Content and choose what users can change:
      • To allow users to change the layout settings (background image or border settings) or the default email style, click Allow Changes to Email Style.
      • To allow changes to the overall email design, such as adding or moving content and layouts, click Allow Change to Email Design.
    3. Click the content components in the email that you want to allow users to change and click Allow Changes to Content. By default, the setting is off and users cannot change the content component. You cannot protect a layout, but you can prevent users from changing the settings for all layouts using the Protected Content settings above.
    If you are using the Source Editor
    1. Right-click an email element that you want to allow users to change and select Mark as Editable.
    2. Choose the options you want to enable from the Settings dialog.
      • To allow users to change the element, click the Mark as Editable check box and give the element a descriptive name. The name can help users identify the intent of the element.
      • To allow uses to remove the element from the email, click the Allow Delete check box.

    3. Click Save to close the dialog.

    Tip: If you are using the Source Editor, you can manually add the elq-edit="true" and elq-delete="true" attributes to elements of the email. See the reference below for more information.

  4. Click Save.

After you apply protections to the template, the status of the template changes to Protected.

Protected HTML email reference

If you are using HTML code, refer to the following table for the attributes you can use to protect elements of your email.

Attribute Description


Defines an element as editable in a template.

Supported elements:

  • Some block level elements and HTML5 elements (<article>, <aside>, <blockquote>, <caption>, <div>, <details>, <fig>, <figure>, <footer>, <header>, <nav>, <section>, <summary>)
  • Headers (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, and so on)
  • Images (<img>)

Tip: These are the supported elements. You can try to use the attribute on other elements, but Oracle Eloqua cannot verify the functionality.


Defines an element as deletable. You can apply this to the same elements listed above.

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