Adding a contact to a campaign or program when a form is submitted

You can add contacts to a campaign or program using the Add to Campaign and Add to Program processing steps. For example, if the form includes a picklist that allows contacts to specify their location by country, you can configure the Add to Campaign processing step to add the contact to a specific regional campaign based on their country selection in the picklist on the form.

When configuring this type of form processing step, you specify the campaign or program to which you want to add contacts. You can manually specify the campaign or program or you can use one of the following options:

  • Use a picklist - Use this option if the form contains information that you can configure Oracle Eloqua to use to determine the destination campaign or program. See Using picklists with form processing steps for more information.
  • Use the value of a form field - Use this option if your form identifies the campaign or program, in a hidden field, for example.

To add a form submitter to campaign or program:

  1. Open a form or create a new one.
  2. Click Processing.
  3. Click The Add icon in the left pane.
  4. Double-click one of the following options:
    • An image of the Campaign icon Add to Campaign
    • An image of the Program icon Add to Program
  5. Choose how you want to select the campaign or program:
    Manually select the campaign
    1. Click the option to always use the same campaign or program.
    2. Click the button to choose the campaign or program and search for the campaign or program.
    3. Choose the campaign or program step.
    Use a picklist
    1. Click the option to use a picklist.
    2. Click the form field you are going to use with the picklist in the Choose a field drop-down list. This form field contains the values that map to an appropriate recipient in the picklist.
    3. Click the picklist in the Choose a Lookup Table drop-down list. To create a new picklist, click An image of the File Chooser icon. and then click An image of the Add button..
    Use a form field
    1. Click the option to use a form field.
    2. Click the form field in the Choose a form field drop-down list.

      Note: Typically, the form field used is a hidden field with a static value that specifies the campaign or program by its unique ID.

  6. To override the default key field mapping, click Advanced Settings and select the form field to use for contact mapping.

    Note: The Key Field Mapping window, which you access by clicking the @ icon in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen, is where you map a form field to a contact record field. If you have an Email Address field in your form, the Key Field Mapping is set to Email Address by default. You can change that configuration or you can override it as described in this step.

  7. Specify when to process this step.
  8. Click Save.