Using picklists with form processing steps

Many form processing steps enable you to use a picklist to configure the step's action. The picklist maps a value from the form to a value needed to run the form processing step. For example, you can use a picklist to determine the email address to send a notification message to, based on the form's country selection, as may be the case if you have regional sales representatives who need to be notified of a form submission in their region. The picklist would map the country selection to a specific representative’s email address. When Oracle Eloqua runs the processing step, it looks for the country in the picklist and uses the corresponding email address as the destination inbox.

A picklist is set up with display names for the selectable items (those that contacts can select from the picklist on the form) and actual values (the corresponding values that Oracle Eloqua uses for the processing step). Use the table below to help determine the actual value to use.

Form processing step Picklist actual value Locating the picklist actual value
Send Submitter an Email Email ID

Open the asset in Oracle Eloqua and locate the ID in the URL displayed in the browser address bar:


Redirect to Web Page Landing page ID
Add to Campaign Campaign ID
Add to Program Program ID
Add to Program Builder Program ID
Send Notification Email The email address to use Organizational contact directory, etc.
Add to Shared Contact List Shared contact list ID
  1. Navigate to Audience An image of the Audience icon., then click Tools > Shared Lists.
  2. Locate and open the shared list.
  3. In the Edit Shared List window, click Actions An image of the Actions button, then click Run Deduplication.
  4. Locate the ID in the URL displayed in the browser address bar.


Remove from Shared Contact List Shared contact list ID

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