Configuring a progressive profile in list mode for the Design Editor

When you're creating your Design Editor form, you can add a progressive profile to optimize the form's performance. See Configuring a progressive profile in list mode for the Classic Design Editor if you're working in the Classic Design Editor.

To add a progressive profile in List mode:

  1. In the An image of the Design Components icon tab, drag and drop Progressive Profile to your form.
  2. Drag the desired contact and custom fields inside. Learn more about contact and custom fields here.

    An image of Progressive Profile in the Responsive Design Editor

  3. Click the Progressive Profile content block.

    The Progressive Profile panel opens.

  4. Select List mode from the drop-down list.

    Note: In contrast to List mode, Staged mode lets you decide which fields are displayed together and on which visit they appear to the contact. Learn more about adding stages.

    An image of the Progressive Profile panel in the Responsive Design Editor

    • List mode provides the following options:
      • Randomize Fields: This option allows you to randomize progressive profiling fields so that your contacts are always presented with new form fields.

      • Only display empty fields: When this option is turned on, the form will only display fields that are empty. Field merges, static values, and previous submissions can create completed fields.
      • Fields to Display: Select the number of progressive profile fields to be shown to each contact. If more fields have been completed than set to display, fields that a contact has already completed will still appear unless only display empty fields has been checked.
  5. Click Save.

You have now configured your progressive profile.

Note: You cannot add an email field to a progressive profile because it is needed to connect information to a contact.

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