Email Bounceback History with Messages report


The Email Bounceback History with Messages report shows a list of contacts that have bounced recently, the error code, and the message returned by the server. This report can help you understand the details of your hard and soft bounces. Reviewing it regularly can also help you spot trends in deliverability.

  • Folder location: Catalog/Shared Folders/Email
  • Subject area: Email Bounceback
  • Questions this report helps you answer: Why exactly did an email bounce back? Which ISPs are delivering the most bounces?
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Tip: The Campaign Analysis Overview and the Email Analysis Overview reports allow you to view the overall bounce rates across multiple campaigns or emails.

Good to know

  • It is normal for bounces to occur, but the Oracle Deliverability Operations team recommends the following thresholds:
    • Hard bounce rate: 2%
    • Overall bounce rate (soft and hard): 5%
  • Bounces are returned from the receiving mail server with an error code (for example, 5.4.1), a reply code (for example, 540) and a descriptive message. Not all bounces include both the error code and reply code.
  • This report displays up to 1,000 rows per page.
  • Typically, soft bounces are returned with a reply code in the 400 range. Hard bounces are returned with a code in the 500 range.
  • Mail server administrators can customize the message that accompanies a bounce.
  • A detailed explanation of bounceback codes can be found at RFC 3463. Here are details provided by some ISPs about their error codes:

Sample report

An image showing a sample of the bounce error codes and messages

Report prompts

Prompt Description
Bouncebacks Date

Show contacts that bounced during this date range or time span (7, 14, or 30 days).

Report attributes

Attribute Description Drill to
Email address The bounced email address. -
Bounceback Date/Time The date and time of the bounce. -
SMTP Error Code The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Reply Code (e.g. 5.7.1). -
SMTP Reply Code The SMTP error code returned.

Typically, soft bounces are returned with a code in the 400 range. Hard bounces are returned with a code in the 500 range.
Bounceback from Address Either the branded or standard bounce address used for the email. For more information on this address, see Global email defaults or Email settings. -
Bounceback Message Additional information provided about the bounce. -
Bouceback Type Indicates whether the bounceback was processed via Oracle Eloqua's main bounceback filter or via a contact upload. -
Email Name The name of the email asset. -
Email Subject Line The subject line of the bounced email. -
Email Group The email group associated with the bounced email. -

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