Uploading Oracle CX Content images to Oracle Eloqua

Important: Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is now known as Oracle CX Content. This change in name may not immediately reflect everywhere in the Oracle Eloqua user interface.

You can browse images in Oracle CX Content and add them to the email or landing page Design Editor in Oracle Eloqua. Additionally, you can upload an image to CX Content from within Eloqua, then immediately use it in the Design Editor. This allows Eloqua users to leverage Oracle CX Content's extensive asset repository capabilities to store content, while using Eloqua to design marketing assets. Additional benefits include CX Content tags and collections helping users to organize and identify images, as well as allowing users to store images in one place and to use them across multiple Eloqua instances.

Note: To enable this feature, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request.

To upload an image to CX Content from within Eloqua:

Note: To upload an image to a CX Content repository and then use it in Eloqua, you need to have the Contributor user permission for that repository as well as for its channel.

  1. With the Design Editor open, drag the Image content component to the layout.

    An image showing an image component dragged onto the email canvas

  2. In the Image content component, click An image of the browse icon.

    The Image Chooser opens.

  3. Open the CX Content tab.

    Note: The recent Google Chrome version 84 update contains a default setting in chrome://flags/ that may prevent the Oracle CX Content integration iframe from loading. Make sure that Chrome's 'SameSite by default cookies' setting is set to 'Disabled.'

  4. Click Add > Add from this computer.

  5. Select your image in the file browser.

    Note: If you select an image file whose file type is not supported, then the Choose option will be disabled when you try to add it to the Design Editor.

    Smart tags are applied to the uploaded image. You cannot change or remove smart tags, but you can add manual tags. To see an image's smart tags or manual tags, select the image and click Tags.

  6. In the Add To Repository window, click Done.

    Note: You cannot change the preconfigured CX Content repository from within the Design Editor. Learn more about enabling the CX Content integration.

  7.  In the Image Chooser window, ensure that your image is selected, then click Publish.

    The Validation Results window opens.

  8. Click Publish.

    The image is now published in Oracle CX Content and can be inserted into the Oracle Eloqua Design Editor.

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