Enabling the Oracle CX Content integration

Important: Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is now known as Oracle CX Content. This change in name may not immediately reflect everywhere in the Oracle Eloqua user interface.

The integration with Oracle CX Content enables Oracle Eloqua users to insert published images from CX Content's asset repository into Eloqua responsive emails and landing pages. The integration also allows users to upload images to CX Content directly from within Eloqua.

Important: There is a known issue where using Internet Explorer to insert assets from Oracle CX Content may prompt an error. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to insert assets from Oracle CX Content until this issue is resolved in a future release.

To enable the Oracle CX Content integration:

  1. Send the following information to My Oracle Support.

    • Domain name. To retrieve your domain name:
      • Upon logging into Oracle CX Content, the full URL might resemble https://eloquacec.oraclecloud.com/documents/asset. Using this as an example, the domain name is eloquacec.oraclecloud.com.
    • Repository ID. To retrieve your repository ID:
      • In Oracle CX Content, navigate to Administration > Assets.
      • Select the repository you want to use for storing your Eloqua images.
      • The repository ID will be appended to the URL. For example, the full URL might resemble https://eloquacec.oraclecloud.com/documents/repository/ABC6F858251160CC3000A497C0C07C96651BA6F0BE73. Using this as an example, the Repository ID is ABC6F858251160CC3000A497C0C07C96651BA6F0BE73
    • Channel ID and Channel Token. To retrieve:

      • In Oracle CX Content, navigate to Administration > Assets.
      • Click the Repositories drop-down and select Publishing Channels.
      • Select the publishing channel you intend to use for Eloqua images.
      • The channel ID and channel Token are listed under API Information.
      • Ensure Access is set to Public.
  2. If it is enabled for your account in Oracle CX Content, add your Eloqua domain (*.eloqua.com) to the allowed domains. See the Oracle CX Content documentation for configuring Oracle Eloqua in Oracle CX Content.
  3. Additionally, you need to share Oracle CX Content repository to see it in Oracle Eloqua. See the CX Content documentation for sharing an asset repository.

Note: Only published assets in Oracle CX Content will be visible in Oracle Eloqua.

For more information about Oracle CX Content, see the Oracle CX Content Help Center.

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