In Oracle Eloqua, a picklist is a list of name-value pairs. When you add a picklist to a form, the names appear as options on a drop-down list. The value associated with a specific name is what Oracle Eloqua stores when the form viewer selects an option (name) on the picklist and submits the form.

For example, a picklist for the days of the week might have the following name-value pairs:

Option name Option value
Monday 01
Tuesday 02
Wednesday 03
Thursday 04
Friday 05

In Oracle Eloqua, you create and manage picklists in the Settings area, under Database Setup.

An image of the Picklist Value Choices window

The picklists you create are stored in the Oracle Eloqua database and are available for you to use on any form or landing page.

An image of a sample landing page that hosts a form with a picklist for the days of the week

Note: A quicklist, is a single-use version of a picklist that you use to create segments. For more information, see Adding contacts to segments using filter criteria.

When used in a form, picklists allow viewers to select one or more options from the list, depending on the picklist type. A single picklist lets the viewer select only one option. A multi-select picklist allows the viewer to select more than one option.

An image of a form containing both a single and multiple-selection picklists

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