Accessing Profiler

Oracle Eloqua Profiler can be accessed in Microsoft Outlook. With Profiler you are able to view the contact details for a potential client, their activities, their lead score value, and so on. Viewing a contact's information can help you decide what type of email to send to them.


  • Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook must be installed.
  • An Engage license is required. Profiler is supported but a Profiler license is not required to use the add-in.

To access Profiler in Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click Show Profiler from the main ribbon, or open an email and click Show Profiler. Sign in to Oracle Eloqua, if required.

    An image of Profiler within the Outlook UI

Profiler automatically searches for all contacts in your recipient list. If there is only one contact, their information is displayed. If you are launching Profiler from an email without any recipients listed, the search contacts screen opens to help you quickly find the contact you are looking for.

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