Validation issues

Validating recipients involves checking all email recipients against the Oracle Eloqua directory.

The validation process is always triggered automatically in the following cases:

  • When a recipient is manually added to the recipient list
  • When the contact lookup dialog is closed
  • When an email is previewed
  • When an email is sent

The validation process determines whether email recipients match certain conditions and all validation issues must be fixed in order to send the tracked email:

  • Are the recipients Oracle Eloqua contacts? To fix the issue, add recipients as contacts.
  • Is all the information required for field merges in the selected template complete? To fix the issue, add the missing contact information required for the field merges in the template.
  • Can the email be sent to all contacts? For example, have any contacts unsubscribed or will be bounced back? To fix the issue, remove any contacts who are excluded.

A green checkmark is displayed once all validation issues have been resolved and the tracked email can be sent.

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