Viewing the segment members that entered a campaign or program

If contacts enter your campaign or program through a segment, you can view the segment members that entered so far. The report details information about the contact and how they entered the campaign.

Important: You can only report on the last three months of campaign or program data. You can only view the report for ACTIVE campaigns. You can use operations reports or Insight for more information about a completed campaign.

To view the Segment Members report:

  1. In the campaign canvas or program canvas, double-click the link in the segment step.

    An image showing the number of contacts that have entered the segment step so far

    The report opens.

    An image of the Segment Members Step Entry report. Contacts that have entered the campaign through the Segment Members step are listed.

    Note: The hyperlinked number reflects the number of contacts that have entered the program at the time of opening or refreshing your campaign or program. This number may change if you re-open or refresh again.

  2. To change the report time frame, click an option from the Evaluation period drop-down list.
  3. To refresh the report, click Refresh.

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