Viewing segment members in campaigns and programs

While your campaign or program is in a DRAFT state, you can view the contacts that are included in or excluded from a segment.

To view segment members in a campaign or program:

  1. Open a campaign or program.
  2. Double-click the contact count on the step.

    An image of a step with a contact count. The image is highlighting where to double-click to see the step members report.

    The View Segment Members window opens, and displays a list of contacts currently in the segment.

    An image of the View Segment Members window. Contacts from the segment are listed individually.

    There are two tabs in the report:

    • Included: Contacts in this list can enter the campaign or program.
    • Excluded: Contacts in this list cannot enter the campaign or program from this segment.
  3. To download the report to a .csv or Microsoft Excel file, click Export. A link to the export file is emailed.

After the campaign or program is active, and contacts begin to move from the segment into subsequent steps, you will not be able to open this report. You can use the segment members step entry report to view the contacts that have entered the step so far.

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