Uploading multiple user accounts

You can use an upload wizard to create or update user accounts in a batch.

Note: When uploading multiple user accounts, ensure that each account has a unique user name. If another user account exists with the same user name (including deleted user profiles), then a notification appears at the end of the upload process indicating that the duplicate user profile was not created. If you want to reactivate a deleted user profile, you need to do it individually.

Before you begin:

  • Create your upload file (.txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx). The upload file should only contain the users you want to update or delete.
    • Use the CSV template provided by Oracle Eloqua when uploading users in batch. This template is available from the UI when you start the upload process.

    • If you are updating a group of users, you can download their current user account information to a CSV file. You can then update and upload this file with the new account information.
  • Separate contact fields in a .csv or .txt file using a comma (,), pipe (|), or semi-colon (;).
  • The first row of the file must be column headings. Oracle Eloqua will attempt to map the headings to existing contact fields.
  • If you are adding or updating users, make sure that you can map the data in your upload file to user fields in Oracle Eloqua. Use similar naming conventions in your upload file to make this mapping easier.
  • Make sure that users in your upload file have a unique identifier (such as an email address).
  • Assign users to a security group by using the security group acronym. You can find the acronym when you open the security group. The acronym for the default security groups are:
    • Basic Users - Marketing: MKGB
    • Advanced Users - Marketing: MKGA
    • Executive Users: EXEC
    • Active Users - Sales: SALE
    • Administrator: CADM
  • When specifying the time zone for users, refer to list below for acceptable formats.

    Note: If you do not specify a valid time zone, the time zone defaults to Eastern Time (GMT-05:00). Users can update their profile to change the timezone setting.

To upload multiple users:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog., then click Users in the Users and Security area.
  2. Select Users > Upload / Update Users.

    An image of the Users menu with Upload/Update Users highlighted.

  3. Complete the information about the upload on Step 1 Data File Upload and click Next. You can download the sample CSV file on this step.

    Note: The sample CSV file includes the native CRM User Name as well as fields for four CRM integrations: MS Dynamics User Id, CX Sales User Id, SFDC User Id, and Siebel On Demand User Id. The CRM integration user IDs take precedence over the native CRM User Name if a user has both.
    If you do not see these integration fields in step 4, you can update the available fields with the latest CSV sample file.

    An image of step one of the upload wizard

  4. Verify the contents of the file on the Step 2 Preview Data Source tab and click Next.

    An image of step two.

  5. Map the fields from the source file to applicable Oracle Eloqua fields in Step 3 Field Mapping and click Next.

    An image of step three.

    • For Oracle Eloqua to make the best possible matches, click Auto-Map Fields, then review the mappings for errors.
    • To specify when to update user account fields, click Advanced Options. For example, update the field if it is blank or not blank.
  6. Verify the final upload and mapping in Step 4 Preview Upload Data and click Next.
  7. Complete the final step of the wizard and click Finish.

    An image of step five.

If you want to download users in batch, click Users then select Download Users. You can choose to either export to Excel or print the list of users.

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