Creating a new visitor notification

Create visitor notifications to alert members of your sales and marketing team when a desired type of visitor frequents your website.

To create a new website visitor notification:

  1. Click Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog..

  2. Click Notifications in the Display Preferences area.

    Note: An administrator can access visitor notifications for all users through Users in the Users and Security area.

  3. Click + New. The New Visitor Email Notification window opens.
    An image of the visitor notifications list.
  4. Type a name for the notification, then click Save and Continue.

    The Add New Visitor Notification window then opens.

    An image of the Visitor Notification window.

  5. Tip: To capture visitor information in a report instead of sending email notifications select the Suppress Emails check box.

    If selected, Oracle Eloqua does not send emails, but captures the visit information in a report. You can view the report by clicking Options in the upper-right corner, and then selecting Show History.

    An image of the Options menu with Show History highlighted.

  6. Define the criteria used to trigger the notification in the Who Triggers This Notification section. Add and remove rows using Add Row, or the red X.


    A visitor triggers this notification when that visitor has visited your website more than once and the visit was longer than ten minutes. The visitor has to meet both criteria.

    An image of a sample AND criteria.

    A visitor triggers this notification when that visitor has spent a total of at least thirty minutes on your website or at least fifteen minutes in the current visit. The visitor can meet one or both of the criteria.

    An image of a sample OR criteria.
  7. Select Only Notify During Scheduled Times to schedule when to send the notifications. Select a preset schedule, or input a custom one.

    Note: If a schedule is not set, the notification email is sent when criteria is met.

    An image of the Notification Schedule section.

  8. Select Enable Custom Row to insert an additional row of information to the notification email. This information is in addition to the information already included by the content configuration you specified earlier. The first blank field is a descriptive label displayed in the email. The second blank field determines the actual value Oracle Eloqua collects.
    An image of the custom row section.
    • To create a link to the Salesforce contact profile of the visitor, click Insert Salesforce Contact Link.
    • To insert an additional contact field in the notification email, click Insert Email Field.
  9. Click Save and Close.

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