Website visitor notifications

As an administrator, you can notify users when specific website visitor activity occurs. After setting up the notification, you can keep your sales and marketing teams informed of website visits so that they can then act on the information.

You can create notifications using visitor profile information such as:

  • IP address
  • Time spent on your website or pages visited
  • Email address, if the visitor is in the contact database
  • Other available visitor profile field information

When a visitor meets the notification criteria, an email is triggered and sent to the recipient you choose. Depending on the criteria that you set up in advance, and the amount of visitor information contained in the visitor's cookies, your marketers and sales agents can be immediately notified of current contact activity as well as potential new leads.

Example: You have a notification set up to send an email to your sales team when a website visitor is on their third visit. When a visitor reaches their third visit, an email is sent to your sales team. This gives the sales team a real-time view of prospects, allowing them to pursue valuable leads.

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