What is Oracle Infinity?

Oracle Infinity is a digital analytics platform for tracking, measuring, and optimizing the performance and visitor behavior of enterprise websites and mobile apps. The Analytics application in Oracle Infinity provides a set of report collections for exploring and managing your data.

Oracle Infinity provides:

  • Data collection: Collect web and mobile app activity data that interests you. As data is collected, it is sessionized, augmented, and evaluated to identify if someone is a previously known user or a new user. All your data is collected, processed, and available for analysis using Infinity's reporting UI and APIs in less than a minute. Get immediate feedback on campaigns or new content you just launched on your site.
  • Reports: Analyze your data and prepare reports immediately. Unlimited swappable dimensions reduce the need for one-off reports.
  • Streams: Gain real-time insights into a continuous flow of visitor activity data.
  • Action Center: Integrate in-session, customer-level data with action systems such as email service providers, CRM systems, and marketing automation platforms. Action Center enables creation, monitoring, stopping, and starting of connections.
  • Integrations: APIs enable integration with your business and marketing applications.
  • Data Collection UI: Enables marketers to easily and quickly configure tags through a user friendly interface, for implementing the organization's data collection and distribution strategy.
  • Account settings: Define roles, groups, user privileges, and more.
  • Library: The Library application provides you with a way to administer reports, measures, dimensions, segments, and any other objects that you can administer.

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