Account Management Functions

Important: Some options may not be available, depending on the functionality enabled for your account.

Also, account management functions have undergone significant changes in Oracle Responsys 18C Update. See the Account management changes topic for a description of the changes and a reference of the old navigation and page names to the new ones.

Email Message Footers

Customize the email footers for your own account or (with the group account management option) for any of your subaccounts. If you select the Reset to Default Footers option for your account, you’ll use the standard footers. If you select this option for your subaccounts, those subaccounts will use the footers currently defined for your account.

Account Management

When subaccounts are created, they automatically “inherit” the footers and response pages associated with your parent account. Use Email Message Footers options to edit footers and response page. To create one or more subaccounts – Contact Responsys Support.

Editing Subaccounts

You can change subaccount information (such as login password, display name, etc.) at any time after the subaccount has been created for you by Responsys Support.

Note: Changing subaccount login password, display name, etc. does not affect its footers or response pages.

Logging into Subaccounts

You can also log in to one of your subaccounts to launch a test campaign, respond to a support request, etc.

Account Settings

Set the default behavior for campaign expiration, default maximum launch rate (for some accounts), and options related to characters sets and recipient locales.

Additionally, you may assign a complaint inactivation rule when a campaign-specific Spam alert is reported by a recipient.

Campaign Categories

Specify values for the campaign categories available to this account. Users can then select one value for each category when creating or editing a campaign.

Link Categories

Specify the values expected to be found in the Link Category field in your link tables.

External Tracking

Specify the parameters you want to pass to third-party link-tracking tools. You also may optionally set up default values for those parameters.

Response Pages

  • Locate and add a logo graphic file that can be used when creating response pages.
  • Upload an HTML template for more complex customization of response pages.
  • Customize the responses that campaign recipients receive when performing certain actions (responding to a closed campaign, clicking an Opt-Out hyperlink, etc).

    Example: Change background color or add a picture and text so the response pages match the look of your web site.

  • Reset to Default Response Pages resets your entire account to use the Oracle Responsys-generated default response pages.

    Note: For subaccounts – Resetting to default response pages reverts to the response pages currently defined for your account.

Soft Bounces

Use this option to determine the number of soft bounces within a given period that will then trigger suppression of an address in a List.

Account Monitoring

Check the number of email messages sent during a specific date range by account, subaccount, or campaign. Check the valid domain names.

Authorization Management

Create and edit organizational units. For more information, see Organizational Access and Targeting by Organization - Overview.

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