Send Time Optimization overview

Send Time Optimization (STO) is an add-on feature that allows marketers the ability to send emails at the most optimal send time to each recipient. In other words, the same email is sent to different recipients at different times based on when they are most likely to engage. To generate the optimal send times, Oracle Responsys offers clients 3 options:

  1. Purchase the Oracle Responsys Send Time Optimization Cloud Service
  2. Work with a 3rd-party STO partner
  3. Develop your own algorithm

Note: Each one of these options vary in cost. Please contact your account manager for more details.

Our STO feature supports optimal send times down to the hour for each day. Further details about how the data needs to be structured and what values need to be included are featured later in this document.

Next steps

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  4. How Send Time Optimization works
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