Reviewing a Quality Inspection Queue

Follow this procedure to review a quality inspection queue.

To view an inspection queue:

  1. Go to Quality > Reports > Inspection Queue.

  2. (Optional) To refine your search results, complete the following fields in the Filters section:

    1. Select a Location where this inspection is to occur from the list.

      For example, Indianapolis Manufacturing Center.

    2. Select an Item record to associate with the inspection standard.

    3. Select an Inspection Status.

      For example, Pass, Fail, or Pending.

    4. Select the name of the person this inspection is Assigned To.

    5. Select a Transaction Type that will trigger the specification.

      For example, Item Fulfillment or Work Order Completion.

  3. To display existing inspections that match the filters you set, click List.

    If you do not set any filters, the list displays all inspections in the queue.

  4. In the Inspection Queue subtab, check the box beside the queue record you want to display.

    Select only one record.

  5. Click Review.

  6. To review the queue record details, click the Queued Inspections subtab.

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